BTF president: School administrators taking ‘destructive actions’ against some students, parents


The Buffalo Teachers Federation (BTF) is upset, saying school administrators are taking “destructive actions” against some children. The BTF president tells News 4, some school administrators are punishing some students whose parents have opted them out of state testing. 

The tests we’re talking about are the ELA exam, and the state math exam. Students in grades 3-8 take them, but some opt-out. 

BTF President Phil Rumore said some kids who opt-out are told they can’t go on school trips, or to ice cream socials if they don’t take the tests. 

“This has to end,” Rumore said. “We need something to come out from the Board of Education, the commissioner of education, saying you can’t hurt kids whose parents have decided to opt them out of the test, and principals can’t call parents up and try to pressure them into taking the test, because the test is meaningless to help the kids. All the principals are trying to do is make their percentage of kids look good. That’s sick.

He said he’s even heard some principals are telling parents and kids it’s illegal to not take the test. 

Rumore sent out a memo to the State Education Department, asking them to take actions to stop these punishments from happening. 

State Eduction Department spokeswoman, Emily DeSantis said they are reviewing the memo. 

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