BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)- Buffalo State is hosting a conference on human trafficking Friday, Oct. 14 and Saturday, Oct. 15th at Rockwell Hall.

The two-day conference explores everything from personal stories of trafficking to the data that exists on this worldwide problem.

One of the goals of the conference is to boost education about what trafficking really is.

One of Saturday’s speakers is a survivor of sex trafficking. For two years as a teenager, Theresa Flores was trafficked against her will while still living at home.

She told News 4 it wasn’t until years later that she realized what had actually occurred; the time she did, it was too late for her traffickers to be prosecuted.

“I tried calling the police about six years afterwards, but I didn’t have the words to know what I was saying,” she said.

“Every time I tried to get help, the doors were shut.”

One of Flores’ goals in speaking out, is to make sure other victims have their voices heard.

She was instrumental in getting Michigan laws changed to better protect victims of human trafficking.Click here for more information on the conference