(WIVB)–A former Buffalo State football player is in critical condition, after getting shot during a fight in Queens.

New York City police say that is Malachi Capers was shot by Jeffrey Thurston after an altercation in a store.

Police say Capers bumped into Jeffrey Thurston and that’s when the two exchanged words and Thurston started swinging.

Moments later, Malachi chased Thurston out of the store and tackled him to the ground.
That’s when police say Thurston pulled out a gun and shot Malachi in the stomach.

In a statement to News Four Buff State Football coach Christian Ozolins says Malachi left the team after his freshman year due to on-going injury issues and has remained a friend to many in the program. He says “We have him in our thoughts as we wish for a speedy and full recovery.”