BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – As Western New York continues to battle a growing opioid epidemic, the Buffalo and Erie County Library System is offering new resources to community members looking to learn more.

OverDrive, the online service through which the library offers eBook downloads, has just donated nearly 70 new addiction-related eBooks for the library to loan out.

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Anyone with a library card can download these eBooks for free, without having to physically come into a library branch to pick one up.

That could help some people get the information they need without worrying about the stigma that sometimes comes along with this sort of topic.

“It makes a big difference because some people are just a little bit reluctant to come into the library and say this is what I’m looking for,” said Carol Batt, the Chief Operating Officer for the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library System.

“The hope is that these new 70 books are going to bring in a whole new world of users for us, and we’re really excited about it,” she said.

eBooks are available to download for free from the library’s website. They can be kept on your device for up to two weeks before they return themselves to the system.

You have the option of renewing the book and keeping it longer, if no one is on the waiting list to check it out.

The Buffalo and Erie County Library system also offers free music downloads through its website. The songs you download are yours to keep.