Buffalo Behind the Scenes: Bills Game Day


It is quiet at New Era Field today but that certainly won’t be the case on Sunday when about 70,000 fans will pack the stadium!

Everything from the sounds of the game, to what you see on the score board is all part of a big game day operation.

“We’ve got about 30-35 people on our staff only on game presentation overall within the organization, there’s well over 1,000 people that are going to be here on game day,” said Michael Adamek, Senior Director of Media & Content.

The control room is where staff members replay camera angles for fans to watch on the scoreboard after each play and play the shout song fans can hear throughout the whole stadium.  

“We’re spread across from the score board control room, we’re at the broadcast location at the 50 yard line, and even down on the field we have 3 wireless cameras down here on the field,” said Adamek.

In the locker room, “My staff and I set up the helmets, shoulder pads, cleats, gloves, jerseys, anything you name it,” said Jeff Mazurek, Director of Equipment Operations.

Once players are fired up and ready to go they head down this hallway to the field.

“First and foremost it’s what happens out here on the field but we have 18 commercial breaks throughout the game and we want to keep fans entertained up on the score board as well,” said Adamek.

There’s live elements during the game like a new live tweet of the game and a t-shirt toss.

This year a new program offering sensory bags is also being rolled out for people with disabilities like autism and PTSD.

“These kits can be signed out at guest services locations by showing a drivers license and simply provide noise canceling headphones, fidget toys,” said Andy Major, VP of Operations & Guest Experience.

The first home game of the season kicks off at New Era Field this Sunday at 1 pm against the LA Chargers.

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