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One of the newest exhibits at the Buffalo Zoo is the Boomerang Island where you can actually feed 5 different species of birds on a stick.

“Our birds are incredibly friendly, they’re very used to this. They are trained animals so they’re used to coming down and landing on people’s shoulders,” said Samantha Lawson, Boomerang Island Exhibit Supervisor.

This week is national zookeeper week and we got a glimpse of what a day in the life is like. It includes a lot of feeding!

“These guys are not easy to take care of. Both rhinos that we have are about 4,000 pounds so they do eat a lot. Each rhino eats about 100 pounds of hay everyday,” said Joe Hauser, rhino keeper.

The rhinos also get daily baths.

“These guys are from the swamps out in the wild in India and Nepal so moisture is very important for their skin,” said Hauser.

“We have a team of keepers here that work year round non-stop taking care of our animals here,” said Christian Dobosiewicz, Buffalo Zoo Communications Manager.

There’s over a thousand animals at the zoo and 500 different species.

Luna the polar bear is a crowd favorite.

“Our main goal here is to promote conservation and protect species. These animals are ambassadors for their counterparts in the wild,” said Dobosiewicz.

For more information about the Buffalo Zoo and the Wines in the Wild event happening from 6 to 9 pm go to https://buffalozoo.org/

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