Buffalo Behind the Scenes: Elmhurst Milked


“The core 4 products that we launched about 18 months ago was cashew, hazelnut, walnut, and almond,” said John Gilroy, Steuben Foods VP of Research and Development.

Thousand of pounds of almonds will make their way through machines and eventually become almond milk.

“It slowly removes one layer at a time but it doesn’t cut and that’s really the important part,” said Dr. Cheryl Mitchell, Steuben Foods Senior VP Ingredient Manufacturing.

Through a cold milling process the almonds are separated into oils, protein, good fats, and fiber. The finished product is a non-dairy milk with more nutritional value and few ingredients.

“We don’t use any gums or stabilizers, the only thing we use is the natural composition that comes with each agriculture product,” said Gilroy.

Elmhurst Milked also produces unique non-dairy milks you’ve probably never heard of before, like chocolate peanut butter.

“It’s a very healthy alternative especially if you’re thinking about cutting back on your dairy intake, your meat intake,” said Tristan Hall, Elmhurst Milked Corporate Executive Chef. 

It also works well in recipes.

“For the health conscious person who is looking for 3 or 2 ingredient smoothies, the unsweetened varieties work for them as well,” said Hall.

You can find Elmhurst Milked products at Wegmans throughout Western New York.

For more information go to https://elmhurst1925.com/

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