Buffalo Behind the Scenes: Lactalis plant


It’s a heavenly sight! Hundreds of thousands of pounds of cheese are produced at the Lactalis cheese plant in South Buffalo everyday. News 4 got a behind the scenes look at how it’s made from start to finish.

“First it all starts with milk and we would be doing nothing if it wasn’t for thousands of farms and milk haulers that bring us in the raw milk daily,” said Bill Senay, Plant Director.

The raw milk is tested in a lab. Once it’s cleared it makes its way into the plant production grounds.

“We bring in the milk, we mix in our ingredients and it’s the cooking and the stretching that makes the cheese what it is,” said Sal Bonfante, Assistant Plant Director.

The flagship cheese is the Galbani mozzarella and Galbani ricotta that’s distributed across the globe.

“We have customers that range all the way to New Zealand, Puerto Rico, and then all across the United States,” said John Ernst, Mozzarella Manager.

“On a daily basis you’re looking at 700,000 pounds of cheese a day of the various cheese products that we make,” said Senay.

About 7 thousands pounds of shredded mozzarella cheese crosses this line every hour.

“We pack it into 5 pound bags it goes to our bulk, industrial, and food service customers. So this is the stuff that you have at your local pizzeria,” said Ernst.

“The fat content also makes it stretchy. When you get a pizza you want to stick a fork in the pizza and you want to pull that cheese up and see how big of a stretch you can get,” said Bonfante.

About 600 people are employed at the Lactalis plant and corporate office across the street,and there are currently open positions.

“We hire roughly between 34-40 people a year,” said Bonfante.

You can learn more about employment opportunities at the Lactalis plant at this link: https://recruiting.paylocity.com/recruiting/jobs/List/2438/Lactalis

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