BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) McCallagh Coffee has been helping Buffalonians wake up for more than 150 years.

The coffee company was founded in 1867 by Samuel and Jenkins McCallagh.  The production plant has moved throughout the city several times. It’s been at it’s current location on Swan Street for the past 40 years, now owned by the Emblidge family.

“We’re here to keep it for the next generation,” said Warren Emblidge, President of the company.  “It truly is a Buffalo gem, 152 years.”

Just like his father, Warren Emblidge , has a passion for the process. “It starts with bringing in the raw bean,” he said.  “We bring in probably a couple of truck loads every week.” Each bag of green bean is 150 lbs and they go though 20,000 lbs of coffee each day. 

“We stage it into our roasters,  we roast it we let it rest a little bit.” said Emblidge.  “Then we grind it and we pack it off.” They’re put into fractional packs and K-cups that you often find at hotels, stores and even in your office’s break room. 

Seeing the finished product and knowing it’s been made here in his home town is a satisfying feeling for Emblidge. “We’re local. We’re fresh,” he said. “We’re embedded in the community and we live in the community.”

He knows good coffee stands the test of time and says his job is to ensure the business will continue to, for the next 152 years.