Buffalo Bills’ Dion Dawkins: ‘Stay home, let this thing pass and then go back to your regular life’


ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (WIVB) — A Buffalo Bills players is hoping to convince people to stay inside and maintain good social distancing.

This was the message from Dion Dawkins, on social media, earlier this week:

The Buffalo Bills offensive tackle is living down south during the off-season and said he has seen so many people not taking this seriously. This message he posted to social media was intended for anyone who would listen… especially the young people who may not understand the severity of COVID-19, and the necessity to maintain good social distancing.

“People are making jokes like, ‘Oh, there are $50 flights, so lets go down to Florida.’ No, stay home, let this thing pass and then go back to your regular life,” Dawkins said.

Dawkins lives along the coast and said he sees crowded beaches, and also watches boats pass by that have large groups of people partying on them. He said it’s disheartening that so many people are putting others at risk.

“Well I have a family and I wouldn’t want my daughter to get sick, or anyone in my family,” he said. “So lets just please stay away and stay clean.”

Dawkins has a brother who is incarcerated, and said he worries about him during all of this. He also has a mom and dad who he worries about because of their age. He’s been calling his family regularly to check in.

“I’m just keeping up with her, I’m just like, ‘Mom, are you cool? How do you feel. You’re good? No Worries? All is well? Great. Call me. I love you. Adios. You know what I’m saying? I just keep it consistent and just try to stay in the loop.”

Dawkins is staying in the loop and letting his loved ones know he’s there to support them. He suggests you all do the same.

You already shnow.

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