WEST SENECA, N.Y. (WIVB) — A Buffalo police officer who made a splash on social media is in trouble again.

Officer Richard Hy is accused of choking and harassing someone. West Seneca police say it happened in the early hours of September 13.

Police say Officer Hy was with a West Seneca officer when he came across a group of people trying to make a music video with a cell phone. That is when the incident happened.

Police say the person is okay.

Both the West Seneca officer and Hy are suspended as of Wednesday afternoon. Hy is suspended without pay, but it is not clear whether of not the West Seneca officer is still being paid.

Officer Hy was suspended back in February for posting videos on the social media app “Vine.”

In March, Hy and another officer were involved in a rollover accident.