Buffalo Diocese whistleblowers come forward in 60 Minutes report


Siobhan O’Connor had carefully hidden her identity as the person who leaked records from the secret archive of the Diocese of Buffalo.

O’Connor worked as Bishop Richard Malone’s executive assistant for three years.

“I did betray him, and yet I can’t apologize for that, because there was a greater good to consider,” O’Connor told 60 Minutes’ Bill Whitaker in a report that aired on Sunday night.

The hundreds of pages Siobhan O’Connor uncovered included personnel files as well as memos.

They revealed that for years Bishop Malone allowed priests accused of sexual assault such as statutory rape and groping to stay on the job.

O’Connor was not alone. Father Robert Zilliox, of St. Mary’s in Swormville, advised the bishop on church law – including abuse cases.

He told 60 Minutes he was disgusted by how the cases he saw were handled.

“I think the hypocrisy, the lip service, you know, the, “Yes, Bob, I agree with you,” and then I would walk out of an office and nothing would happen,” Zilliox told 60 Minutes. 

Bishop Malone declined 60 Minutes requests for an interview. You can read the statement he sent to 60 Minutes right here. 

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