BUFFALO, NY (WIVB) On June 23, 2006, federal agents broke up the so-called “cash money gang”, arresting 18 people and declaring a man named Jariel Cobb the leader of the gang.

“He has the potential to serve 20 years to life for this second arrest and subsequent conviction,” said Terrance Flynn, who at the time was the U.S. Attorney for the western district of New York.

In reality, he served only ten years in federal prison, got out three years ago and all of last summer, federal agents kept surveillance video running on the Box Avenue homes he frequents.

Last September, a little boy showed up alone on a porch. His parents’ bodies were found in the burnt van they rented in Florida. Buffalo Police released surveillance video of two suspects running from the scene on Tonawanda Street in Buffalo.

According to an assistant US Attorney in open court, the day after that video was released, “Buffalo Police received information that one of the persons shown in the video–is a person named Jariel Cobb…… So the FBI ramped up their investigation into Jariel Cobb.”

Then, eight days after three people were murdered, federal prosecutors arrest Jariel Cobb, James Reed, Jahaan McDuffie, Deanna Olbert and Destenee Bell on federal narcotics conspiracy charges accusing them of possessing with intent to distribute heroin, cocaine and marijuana.

The day after their arrests, agents searched a property on Box Avenue and found human remains in a fire pit. On Box avenue , according to the prosecutor’s own words, “the footage shows Jariel Cobb and James Reed showing up in the late hours of September 15, and throwing away or bringing back to a fire, approximately seven or eight bags contractor bags full of something.” Archeological testing is still being done to try to confirm whether or not those bones are in fact the remains of Dhamyl Roman the third adult who came from Florida. in that van with Noelvin and his parents.

The U.S. Attorney’s office is leading this investigation but has not commented on when or if someone will be charged in the murders of Miguel Valentin-Colon, Nicole Merced-Plaud and Dhamyl Roman-Audiffred.