Buffalo Fire officials suspect fireworks may have caused South Buffalo blaze


Buffalo Fire Officials say they found evidence of fireworks in the area of 33 Hillside Avenue Friday morning, after the caught fire and sustained significant damage. 

“We do strongly suspect that fireworks were involved. There were witness statements saying there were two groups firing roman candles at each other,” said William J. Renaldo. “Significant amount of fireworks debris was found in the area, and neighbors pretty much confirmed that there was a lot of firework activity in the area at the time.”

Several neighbors heard commotion outside before the blaze began.

“We had a couple of people calling the police for the fireworks that were going off across the street, and nobody came, they said they would send the soonest cop that they could and nobody came, then all of the sudden this house was on fire,” said KayLeigh Kubiak.

Renaldo says, around the 4th of July holiday, fires related to the recreational use of fireworks becomes more common.

“It’s typically a very busy weekend, we anticipate the same thing this year. Actually, this fire was eerily similar to a fire that took the life of one of our firefighters Michael Seguin 23 years ago tomorrow,” he said. “It was a large structure fire, the fire was caused by fireworks, bottle rockets in the attic area.”

One person lived in the house, and was home during the fire. Officials say that person was able to get out of the house without injury. 

Fire officials say if they are able to confirm that fireworks caused this fire, then criminal charges could come into play.

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