TONAWANDA, N.Y. (WIVB) — Nearly a year after a Tonawanda woman was killed inside a home on Ebling Avenue, her family could have some answers as to who the main suspect is.

Paperwork filed in federal court earlier this month states a Buffalo man is a suspect in a triple shooting which happened around the same time Danielle Cretacci was killed and her two children injured, Aug 27, 2019. The man has been indicted in a separate federal gun possession case.

In one instance, the man’s attorney in the gun possession case told the judge “the government made reference to the court as to uncharged crimes allegedly attributable to [this man], one specific allegation related to a 2019 home invasion in the Town of Tonawanda.”

His attorney made the statement in a document which was filed in an attempt to get his client released on home confinement with the federal charge pending.

In a document filed to keep the man behind bars, federal prosecutors also bring up a homicide, stating “the government further proffered facts about another brutal robbery/murder from the Town of Tonawanda in 2019. That incident involved a triple shooting in which a woman was murdered and her two children were shot.” The document also went on to say “as far as the Tonawanda triple shooting proffered by the government, the defendant merely alleges that the government has failed to charge [the suspect].”

The federal judge eventually decided to keep the man in custody.

News 4 is not naming the man at this time as he has not been charged in connection to the death of Danielle Cretacci.

Erie County District Attorney John Flynn declined to confirm or deny whether any suspects were in custody in the triple shooting. But speaking with the media on Tuesday, he did make reference to not one, but two people in federal custody.

“It’s no criticism of the feds, but obviously, I’m not pleased that it’s out there that the feds have two people in custody who are suspects,” Flynn said. “I don’t want that out there in any case. So I’m not happy about that. But it’s no fault on (federal prosecutors) at all. They do what they have to do to protect their own case and keep the people in jail.”

Flynn believes the motive in the shooting involves money that Cretacci had. He also says he believes the person or people involved knew her.

Cretacci’s family is organizing a march that will be held this Thursday, which marks a year since her death.