Buffalo man is robbed, attacked twice in one year


A Buffalo man is recovering after he was assaulted and robbed by two men outside his east-side home. 

It happened Tuesday after he was walking home from the ATM. The attack was captured by a surveillance camera.

Larry Singletary calls himself “easy prey.” He has been attacked and robbed twice just this year. The first incident happened in February off of May Street. He was robbed and stabbed in the heart. 
And it happened again, just last week. The two attackers knocked him to the ground and stole more than $600 dollars from his wallet. 

Singletary wants to know who the two men are. The surveillance video shows two men, in hoods following him to his home and jumping him in broad daylight:

Singletary says, “When I got about here, that’s when they came from right here, and they said “you know what this is?” And they were on me so fast, and they dove on me.”

The attackers didn’t reveal any weapons, but they did kick Singletary in the face. He thinks they followed him home from the ATM.

He said, “I said to myself, “They were watching me, they knew exactly which pocket to go into- that was everything I had.”

The money was gone. They took more than $600 dollars, his I.D. and government assistance card. 

He’d been saving up to give his daughter a $200 dollar wedding gift. 

He said, “I was going to pay my light and my gas, and my rent. I was going to take a sacrifice because I was getting my food stamps this month.”

Its been like deja-vu for Singletary who says he was attacked in February.  

He moved to Proctor Street from May Street to escape what he calls a rough neighborhood. 

He said, “It got me so scared. It’s like I’m living a re-occurrence, a flashback again over here.”

Now he just wants to find who is responsible.

He said, “Money will always be replaced. It’s the artifacts in my wallet that will never be replaced. You’re always going to think, “I’m never going to have pictures of my daughter or my son. You can’t get those back.”

Singlatary says he doesn’t believe the two attacks he’s been through are connected.

He did file a police report with the Buffalo Police Department, and they did respond after the incident happened. 

If you know anything about the attack call the police confidential tip-line at 851-4416

If you’d like to help Larry, you can call him at 716.903.8505. There has not been a Go-Fund me page created. 

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