A Buffalo man escaped serious injuries after rushing into a burning home to save three people and a dog.

Gregory Garrett says he was driving down Butler Avenue Thursday night when he smelled a strong odor of smoke.

“I stopped, and I just looked around and I said, no, something is wrong, you know, there’s got to be a fire,” said Garrett.

Garrett said he kept driving until he saw smoke coming from the attic of a home. He said he pulled over at the same time another car did. They all went knocking on the door to warn the people inside.

“He went on to the porch with his sister, knocking on the window and the door, I went in the back and I was knocking on the back door. I was literally kicking the back door, kicking it,” said Garrett.

Three adults and a dog were all inside the house.

The mother of the home  was afraid her son was trapped inside his bedroom.

“So I kicked the door in, but he wasn’t in there and then she said, oh he left I forgot he left. I said mam, I seen the smoke coming in from where we were, I said, hey we got to get out of here,” said Garrett.

Garrett was able to get everyone out of the house just as police and fire crews arrived. By that time he said flames were shooting out of the house.

Garrett didn’t know the people who lived in the home, but he says his instincts kicked in to go inside.

“That’s just me, you know I just, I’d do it again. I think that the average person, such as myself, would do that.”