Buffalo musician brothers shooting TV series based on their family: ‘A realistic view of what autism is like’


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — A local family is getting ready to shoot a new TV show in Buffalo called Setlist. It’s based on their lives; two brothers, one of them with autism, trying to make it in the music industry.

Max Muscato and his brother Sonny came up with the idea for the show years ago. It wasn’t until recently it started coming to fruition.

“I outlined the entire first season and then when I put pen to paper I came up with the first episode and sent it to my brother and we went back and forth with the entire episode and next thing we know we had the pilot,” Max said.

Max and Sonny will star in the show. They’ll play a loose interpretation of themselves: two brothers in a band trying to make it. Max says while Sonny has autism, they’re being vague about it.

“All the characters in the show know he has autism but we treat him like a brother, we treat him like a best friend, we’re swearing at each other we’re ripping each other apart. The goal of this show is just to put together a realistic journey of a band regardless of somebody’s disabilities.”

The show is also partnering with Max’s organization, Rock Autism, which teaches local students about film and music. Some of those students will be interns for the show.

Max said having his family in this with him means everything.

“Having the people that are close to me ride this wave I think that’s one of the factors that’s driving me and especially seeing my brother and father incredibly happy that they finally get to do something that is creative and just unique,” Max said. “We can paint a good picture of what we know autism is like. We’re not trying to pander to any audience we’re just trying to give a realistic story and a realistic view of what it’s like in our family.”

They hope to start shooting the pilot this fall, then a whole first season. They want to get it picked up by a streaming service and continue shooting in Buffalo for the long haul.

“You can do a lot in this city as far as filming we have so many different areas ranging from Lewiston to Ellicottville to downtown.”

There’s also a GoFundMe page to raise money to shoot the pilot. Max said they’ve almost reached their goal.

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