Buffalo native nearly struck by lightning in Oklahoma


(WIVB) – It was a close call for one Buffalo native who was nearly struck by lightning while on duty as an Oklahoma state trooper.

The odds of getting struck by lightning in a given year is 1 in 500,000, according to the CDC.

During Krupczyk’s shift last week he noticed a forklift blocking traffic on the Turner Turnpike. In the video, you see Krupczyk pull over and assess how to get the forklift on a tow truck. A few second later a lightning bolt nearly hits him.

“I’m thankful for God, for looking out for me out there, as he does many times,” he said. “It’s not the first close call and I’m sure it’s not going to be the last for me.”

In the video you also see an SUV drive by just as the lighting strike happened. The lighting hit the ground and the arched over, hitting the car.

Krupczyk says in that moment he didn’t even realize it was lighting at first.

“My first thought, maybe it’s a gunshot or explosion but after I saw the light I kinda knew it was lightning,” he said. “I got in somewhat of a defensive position real quick and went back to my car.”

Krupczyk says his legs were numb for the next two hours afterwards.

Krupczyk and the driver of the car the lighting hit are ok. The car itself, not so much. The SUV was damaged and had to be totaled.

“It’s very rare to catch something like that with a very still high definition video that very rarely ever happens, so that’s kind of the cool thing about it,” he said. “But for me life goes on, I just got to keep working and doing my thing and try to stay safe.”

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