Buffalo non-profit heads south to help with Florence relief

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In a warehouse on Buffalo’s East side, you’ll find volunteers gearing up to head south to help with Hurricane Florence relief. 

Eight days of Hope recently set up a satellite facility in Buffalo. Now, they need your help in light of the storm. 

Eight Days of Hope is a faith based- non-profit organization based in Mississippi, with several branches located across the country, with their most recent headquarters on Buffalo’s eastside. 

It was local roots that brought them here- and now they’re sending the “city of good neighbors” to the Carolinas. 

200 volunteers from Western New York spent about 7 weeks donating their time to hurricane Harvey relief. 

“We helped 808 families rebuild their homes for free. We did about $11 million dollars of work,” said Steve Tybor. 

Tybor, a Buffalo native, and the Founder of Eight Days of Hope brought the company’s new headquarters to Buffalo this summer. 

He said, “This storm is the Harvey of the east, so we need all hands on deck.”

And now $2 million dollars of equipment and a growing number of volunteers are heading to the Carolinas.

Tybor said, “We have volunteers both from Buffalo and Southern Ontario that will going down with this unit, doing some tree work next week in the Carolinas.”

They’ll get boots on the ground and set up a headquarters in one of the major disaster areas.

This is called “rapid relief.” The plan is to spend 6 to 8 weeks cleaning, gutting, and rebuilding homes . 

“We will have 8 of these units show up in the Carolinas starting next week.” This is a grassroots organization. For Harvey they raised $2.1 million dollars in 45 days. 

Tybor says this time, they hope to help thousands of families rebuild. 

Tybor said, “Your house floods. You’ve lost everything. You don’t know what you’re going to do, and strangers show up, pople you’ve never met. And they become your best friends.” 

After the dust and flood water settles, they ‘ll head back for part two of the rebuilding process.

Tybor said, “Many families move back into their homes because they have nowhere to go, and that’s where Eight Days of Hope down the road will go back to the Carolinas to help them rebuild.”

If you’ve spotted the building on Kensington Avenue, it was bought by the William and Diane Hein Foundation and eight days of hope will pay $1 a month in rent to use it as their headquarters. 

Eight Days of Hope will start accepting Hurricane Florence relief donations on Saturday, September 15th from 9am to 1pm at 852 Kensington Avenue. For more information go to their website here. 

You can also find more information on their Facebook Page. 

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