BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – In just a few years the emerald ash borer has already laid waste to thousands of trees in Western New York, and now the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy is drawing a line in the sand.

But can parks officials stop or slow down a ravenous pest that has been shown to be–up to this point–unstoppable?

Olmsted Parks officials have been girdling ash trees in Delaware Park, that are already infested, to serve as traps for the destructive bugs. By stripping the bark in bands, workers are trying to draw the beetles to infested trees, and away from the healthy ones.

At the same time officials are injecting the healthy trees with a pesticide that can last for two to three years.

Even though the EAB has shown up in other city parks, Olmsted officials are concentrating on the ash trees in Delaware Park for the time being.

The Conservancy needs help keeping up the fight, and resources are limited. Money has been set aside to take on work on 70 trees in the park, but parks officials have identified 110 ash trees they would like to treat.

You can donate to the “Help Save Our Ash Trees” campaign by clicking on the link, or call the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy at 838-1249.