Buffalo police locate family of 2-year-old boy found at Main and W. Utica


BUFFALO, NY (WIVB) Buffalo Police have located the family of a two-year-old boy found alone in the middle of the night at Main and W. Utica Streets, but it’s unclear if there will be any charges filed in the incident..

It was about 2:30 a.m. Tuesday, near ther corner of Main and West Utica, when an UBER driver spotted a two year old boy outside alone, according to Captain Jeffrey Rinaldo. “The UBER driver stopped, picked the child up. It was apparent there was no adult or guardian for the child anywhere in the victinity and they proceeded to drive the child directly to Children’s Hospital.”

For six hours, Police tried to figure out where he came from, even posting his photo on their Facebook page. Finally at 8:30 this morning.  the child’s grandfather awoke to discover the child he was in charge of  was missing from his apartment in Bowen Manor a couple hundred feet from where the child was found. “A mother who works overnight had left three children with her father, so the children’s grandfather to watch the children.”

News 4 learned from an employee of the property management team that there was surveillance video showing the child had wandered out of the automatic handicapped doors of the senoir housing apartment building on West Utica. The video reportedly shows the boy wandering outside, and when the doors shut behind him, he tried to get back inside and could be seen banging on the electronic door,  but those doors wouldn’t automatically open up again.”

“You know there’s a difference between someone who goes to bed with the door wide open and falls asleep on the couch and wakes up and says “oh my god” and a person who has a child in their bedroom, door is locked and gets up in the middle of the night and decides to take a walk, so those are things we look at before we make a deternination of whether charges should be placed,” said Captain Rinaldo.

Buffalo Police, Child Protective Services and Erie County Social Services are all loloking into what if any measures should be taken against the parent or the grandfather, but Captain Rinaldo says that Uber driver who found the boy should be commended.

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