Buffalo Police Officer finally comes home after spending months in the hospital battling the coronavirus


Buffalo Police Officer Juan Phillips was greeted with cheers from hospital staff, his fellow police officers and his family as he made his way out of the hospital celebrating a victory against the coronavirus. 

More than 100 days, that’s how long Mr. Phillips spent in the hospital fighting covid-19. He was diagnosed back in March.

“Right now, I’m a little overwhelmed,” said Juan Phillips. “It’s been 101 days that I’ve been inside, so being outside for me is just, I’m overwhelmed with the amount of love, and the support that everybody has shown me. I came here in March, so it feels good in July, to be standing here.”

Of his days in the hospital, he spent 31 on a ventilator. 

“There was a couple of nights where I actually said “why me?” he said. “But, I also quickly remembered to be thankful, that my life was spared.”

Phillips is a school resources officer; he was also one of the first people in the department to contract the virus.  

“There’s nothing more that I love than to serve the City of Buffalo as a police officer, there’s no other profession that I can think of. It was a proper choice for me,” he said. “I love serving the community I look forward to putting the uniform on one more time.”

Phillips also says once he gets home the first thing he’s going to do is sit on his porch and enjoy the summer air.

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