BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)–During a Buffalo Public Schools Board meeting Wednesday, superintendent Doctor Kriner Cash says while district leaders don’t have a specific date, they are looking at a phased reopening and could bring students back as early as next month.

“In order to continue to reopen, we want to emphasize that safety will always be first.”

Buffalo Public School students have been learning remotely since last March – but depending on what board members decide, they could soon head back into the classroom. During their board meeting Wednesday, district leaders discussed bringing students back to school through a phased in approach – starting with students in special education.

Kriner cash says although other districts have turned to remote learning he’s unsure whether that’s a “Good educational practice” for their students.

“There’s a lot, a lot of challenged with it in large school systems in particular that are better to overcome and it’s better to do it slowly in this environment.”

But even after the schools reopen to students, Buffalo Public School officials say remote learning will still be used.

“We plan to continue to use our LMS when we return to brick and mortar – and the really nice thing is we’re never going to have to worry about snow days again because we’ll have ongoing access to our platform,” said Anne Botticelli.

Cash says the plan to bring students back is still in the very early stages and at this point, he’s waiting on feedback from district leaders and parents before making any final decisions.