BUFFALO N.Y. (WIVB) — Buffalo residents brought their concerns of the city snow plan directly to city leaders during a meeting Wednesday at city hall.

The plan was tabled by the Buffalo Common Council during the meeting, leaving the city without a snow plan for, what’s expected to be, a few more weeks.

Both residents at the meeting and council members say they’re worried the city doesn’t have enough equipment, or supplies and voiced their concerns over the resources available at warming centers.

One woman talked about how she was worried how equipment is going to get down narrow streets, like hers.

One Buffalo resident says he doesn’t believe the city has all the equipment it would need to clear and remove snow, or food and medical supplies for firehouses, police stations.

The president of the Buffalo Firefighters Union, Vinny Ventresca, also spoke at Wednesday’s meeting saying his members don’t have the proper equipment they need.

Residents and council members continue to be worried that’s there’s not enough warming shelters in the event of a snow storm. The city listed nine places in the plan and residents say it’s not enough. 

“Nobody is going to leave their home until a disaster hits. They’re not going to be somewhere warm until we have,” said Buffalo resident Arthur Robinson. “We have to prepare better for this. They can take $1 billion and cover Kensington but we can’t get generators? Come on. Let’s take a million or two for that and put it into something that’s going to save lives.”

“I don’t understand how you can sit and have nine community centers or nine warming centers and that’s supposed to suffice an entire city?” said Buffalo resident Connie Joyce. “You’re hoping the blizzard won’t hit the whole city? Buffalo isn’t that lucky. It’s going to hit the entire city.”

David hills, the chief operating officer for Buffalo Public Schools says the district has identified five buildings in the district that could be used in the event of a snow emergency.

He says these buildings have back up generators, but they don’t have the staff. That’s something they’re talking about with the city. 

Council members say they aren’t confident in the plan as it stands, they want to continue having these discussions and will meet again in two weeks.

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