BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Attorneys representing families of the victims of the Tops Mass Shooting joined News 4 at 5.

Attorneys Terry Connors and Ben Crump discussed the sentencing of mass shooter Payton Gendron in state court on Wednesday. The full segment can be viewed above.

Gendron received 11 life sentences without the possibility of parole on state charges. He is scheduled to appear in federal court on Thursday, where the death penalty is on the table.

Former New York Congressman Chris Jacobs released a statement on Thursday morning with regard to the impact statements made by families at Gendron’s sentencing, as well as commenting on what must be done to fully heal the Buffalo community.

“The testimonials in court yesterday from the victims’ families were heart-wrenching. I have profound admiration for their courage, strength, and commitment to reject the pure hatred of the murderer, and not let it define the lives of their loved ones or divide our community,” Jacobs said. “Buffalo is the ‘City of Good Neighbors,’ and as such we will continue to heal by remaining united. We must also do all we can to implement reforms that will spare other communities from enduring the horrors that our community has suffered.”