BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Millions of dollars have been raised to support the victims and families of the Jefferson Avenue mass shooting. The Better Business Bureau has some advice for helping others without falling victim to any schemes.

If you see something suspicious, reach out to the organization holding the fundraiser. Melanie McGovern, Communications Director for the Better Business Bureau, says they should be willing and able to clear up any concerns.

“Legitimate organizations will take the time to answer those questions to put your mind at ease,” said McGovern. “To put your mind at ease, to know your money is going where they say it’s going,” she added.

The community has seen quite a bit of crowdfunding, meaning people or small groups are raising money individually and promising to give it to a corporation. McGovern says to proceed with caution.

“See how long they’ve been working in the community. A lot of them are affiliated with churches. Give the churches a call.”

McGovern also says beware of donating too much.

“We’ve seen a lot about over-donating. If it’s goods, the things could spoil and go bad,” said McGovern. “You could donate to the organization and then it doesn’t get used because there’s too much going on.”

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Buffalo Supermarket Mass Shooting

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