BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Congressman Brian Higgins co-sponsored a resolution that was approved by the House of Representatives Wednesday condemning the racist mass shooting that occurred on May 14 at Tops Friendly Markets.

The resolution reaffirms the House of Representatives’ commitment to combating white supremacy, hatred, and racial injustice.

The resolution adopted on June 8, 2022 “condemns in the strongest terms the Great Replacement Theory, a white supremacist conspiracy theory that has been used to falsely justify racially motivated, violent acts of terrorism domestically and internationally.”

“We need to call this out for what it is, or it will continue to divide and devastate our communities,” Higgins said. “The Buffalo shooter was influenced and radicalized by racist, hate-filled garbage. As a result, Black people in Buffalo were targeted, killed and injured. Our community is forever changed. The resolution to condemn great replacement theory and commemorate the victims in Buffalo reinforces the urgent need to replace the ignorance and hate that is driving division, perpetuating lies, and killing our neighbors.”

Higgins is one of over 110 original co-sponsors.