BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — A man several hours away is making a big difference in our community in the wake of the mass shooting on Jefferson Avenue.

Earlier this week, Greg Schwert drove 3.5 hours from a Cleveland suburb to drop off 417 pounds of food to Feedmore WNY. Schwert is originally from Williamsville, and said he was shocked someone would drive to Buffalo from so far away to do something so atrocious, and knew he needed to help.

“If somebody can go 3.5 hours to inflict such pain, then I can go 3.5 hours to provide some support, some hugs and a donation,” he said.

He packed up his car with eggs, milk and cheese and used frozen vegetables to keep those items cold. He didn’t want to use ice packs, because he wanted as much room for actual food in his small Ford Fusion. He also brought fresh produce, water and more.

“We’re Buffalonians,” he said. “You say ‘Go Bills’ and you’re going to get that response, ‘Go Bills’ and right there is family. This to me was more of an extended family thing.”

Schwert said giving back is in his blood. He’s the president of a support group back in Cleveland for single parents like he is. And he feeds the homeless in Downtown Cleveland regularly.

He said he spent a few hundred dollars on groceries that he dropped off in Buffalo, but said it was ‘no big deal.’

He said if the Tops location on Jefferson doesn’t open soon, he’ll be back with another carload of groceries.

To donate to Feedmore WNY’s Emergency Response Fund, click here.

Buffalo Supermarket Mass Shooting

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