BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Saturday’s tragic mass shooting at Tops Markets has left Western New York shaken to its core and highlights so many issues plaguing our community.

Buffalo Peacemakers leader Pastor James Giles joined News 4 at 4 Tuesday to discuss the shooting.

In the interview, Giles told News 4’s Dave Greber on how Western New York’s white community can be better allies.

It is their voice that’s really going to [make a] change. When I was the president of a social justice organization — spoke with a lot of well-meaning people that wanted real social justice. What I was telling them concerning racism — racism, Dave, is not going to be won by people that look like me. Racism will ultimately be won by people that look like the racists. It’s when they’re children start saying, ‘no’ … When it comes from their collective voice, you will see a dramatic change in that type of element being in this country.”

Pastor James Giles, Buffalo Peacemakers

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The full interview is available to watch above.