BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Cassandra Demps said when her stepfather Margus Morrison went out to buy food for movie night on Saturday, she never imagined he’d never come home.

Morrison has been with Demps’ mom for more than 25 years. Demps has seen him as a father since she was eight years old.

She said some of her fondest memories of her stepdad are the moments they just sat and talked, laughed, and relaxed.

“Those were the best memories, I can’t pick one in particular, but over 25 years created a lot of them,” she said.

Morrison and Demps’ mother had three children together. Demps said the kids all considered their dad their best friend and always went to him for advice.

Morrison worked as a security guard for many years and most recently as a bus aide with the Buffalo Public Schools.

“The kids gravitated to him, they loved him, Mr. Morrison, Mr. M was his name, always coming home telling us stories about the kids on the bus or who did what.”

The day of the shooting, he went out to buy chicken and salad for a weekly movie night with Demps’ mom their daughter.

He called Demps’ mom from the store to let her know they were out of something.

Just moments after they hung up, she heard what was going on and tried to call back, but got no answer.

“I had to deliver that news it was very painful news because him and my sister were very close she was a daddy’s girl and it was a very hard thing to look her in her face and tell her they waited till 11:00 and their father was not coming home anymore,” she said.

Demps said she’s still processing that he’s not coming home from the store, let alone the big picture of what happened.

“We’re part of a group you don’t wanna be in, but we’re forced into this group now. And I promise that I’m gonna stay strong for him and carry his name with dignity and grace.”

Kayla Green is a reporter who has been part of the News 4 team since 2021. See more of her work here.