BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Tops has announced plans to reopen its store on Jefferson Avenue.

On May 14, 10 people were killed and three others were injured in a mass shooting. The 10 people who died were Black.

Since then, the 18-year-old suspect has been indicted on multiple charges, including domestic act of terrorism motivated by hate in the first degree and 10 counts each of first-degree murder and second-degree murder as a hate crime.

On Wednesday morning, News 4 learned of Tops’ plan to have the store open again by the end of July. Tops President John Persons says the store is undergoing renovations before it reopens.

Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia and Zeneta Everhart, the mother of surviving shooting victim Zaire Goodman, are in Washington D.C. on Wednesday to speak before the House Oversight Committee.

On Tuesday, former Buffalo Fire Commissioner Garnell Whitfield, whose 86-year-old mother Ruth Whitfield was killed, spoke in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Buffalo Supermarket Mass Shooting