BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Katherine “Kat” Massey was laid to rest Monday, as funerals continue for the victims of the attack on a Buffalo Tops supermarket.

Massey’s celebration of life was fit for a lover of her community.

“Words cannot express how I’ll never see that smile or hear some of my favorite sayings,” her nephew Demetrius Massey said.

Hearts were heavy at Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church as those who knew and loved Katherine Massey said their final goodbyes.

Demetrius Massey called her a gentle soul. 

“You always hear that nobody is perfect and without flaws, but when the Lord made Kat, he made her the exception to his rule.” 

Massey’s casket was draped with one of her favorites — a piece of African kente cloth.

“Kat Massey was a strong proud, Black woman,” Mayor Byron Brown said. “She was proficient in her history and her culture, and a lover of all people.”

Mayor Brown said there’s a higher purpose for the pain from the Tops shooting. 

“We will show the world that there is no place for evil like this, he said. “There is no place for hate like this.” 

Last year, Massey wrote a letter, published in the Buffalo News, concerning a rise in gun violence, and called for federal action.

She never imagined the thing she fought against would take her life.

State Senator Tim Kennedy, D-Buffalo, Massey’s work must continue.

“We have unfinished business to do, we have got work to do as a community as a state, and as a nation,”  Kennedy said.