BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)–The work has all been organized into neat stacks of books, notebooks, and folders.

School 37 principal Serena Restivo says she hasn’t had one teacher absence in the last two days.
They’ve been hard at work getting all of this ready.

“They are here. They are here for our students. We’re a family here.”

It was the same thing at School 76 on the edge of downtown. Eighth-grader Anays talked us through her materials.

“My Spanish work and then my biology work and packets to work on.”

Anays’ mom Carmen Vazquez says there’s a lot of uncertainty over how the next several weeks play out. Schools are going to be closed through at least April 20. But one thing is for sure. Mom is ready to help with the school work

“I don’t know. It’s like eventually I’m going to be working with them on school stuff,” said Vazquez.

Principal Restivo says that’s going to be necessary.

“There is a reliance on families to continue education. We do we’re very fortunate here that we are able to have some electronic capabilities. Our students are very self-directed. There are somethings they can do electronically on their phones to keep up with the instruction.”

She promises the teachers will be standing by to help.

“A lot of our teachers communicated regularly with parents using their phones and text messages. Today the teachers that you don’t see in this room are in their classroom putting together their communication protocol.”