Buffalo’s Benedict House finds new purpose


The Bendict House, at first…helped HIV and AIDs patients who were homeless. It provided housing and other resources at a time when there was that demand.

Decades later, the need changed and the building suffered financial losses, but the story doesn’t end there.

The Benedict House on Main Street near Sisters Hospital started as a home for people living with HIV and AIDS back when having the disease came with a grim outlook.

But over time, it became treatable, and into the 2000s, Benedict no longer housed only people with the illness.

Then in March of 2015, Evergreen Health announced that the Benedict House would close. Evergreen offered the 20 people living there housing placement services and subsidies.

Today, folks in need of housing would talk to an Evergreen housing specialist to figure out what they need to live independently.

Evergreen Health has a long history locally, dating back to the 80s when it first started as AIDS community services.

Maria LoTempio, the vice president of supportive services, says how patients are helped has really changed.

Now, the Benedict house will continue to serve people in need.
Evergreen sold it to Cazenovia Recovery Systems, which will help people with substance abuse and mental health.

President Raymond Ganoe says Evergreen Health has also evolved…offering everything from mental health to nutrition and transportation.

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