ANGOLA, N.Y. (WIVB) – EverHaunt’s haunted houses, virtual reality ride, and coffin ride are the stuff of nightmares.

Bringing them to life has been the dream of founder Kevin Donovan for the last six years, after he started out with a Halloween party at his house to help out a friend with cancer.

“We knew that we had a chance to do something a little bigger and help some more people, so we started traveling around the country, finding cool stuff,” Donovan said. “160,000 miles later, 27 states later, and we have something that we’re pretty excited about.”

There’s good reason to be excited.

This is the first season for EverHaunt, but it has already generated a lot of buzz and had huge success with Western New Yorkers.

It’s also brought new life to the old Angola roller rink, which needed extensive renovations before EverHaunt could move in.

“We unloaded 15 semis in this building,” Dononvan said.

All of the items came together to create the Rosewood County Asylum and House of Seven Secrets haunted houses, as well as an Escape from Frankenstein virtual reality experience, pitch-black coffin ride, and haunted photo booth.

The crew focused on even the smallest details when they were putting the attractions together.

“The details bring believabilty and when you walk through a haunted house we want to make you feel like you’re in the movie,” Donovan said.

Of course, the believability creates the ultimate impact on thrill seekers going through the attractions.

“We don’t want them to feel like they’re going to die– Maybe a little bit,” Donovan laughed. “As long as they leave smiling and happy, then we did our job.”

And, while it feels like the worst kind of evil inside EverHaunt, the screams are for a good cause.

EverHaunt is giving part of its proceeds to Roswell Park and Kids Escaping Drugs. It has also been accepting food donations for Operation Good Neighbor.

“We like giving back,” said Brendon Rogers, team leader for EverHaunt.

EverHaunt also offers some more family-friendly events throughout the season. The final Family Fall Festival will take place Saturday, October 26, with lights-on haunted house walk-throughs, face painting, pumpkins and more.

Then, in just a few weeks, part of the site will be transformed into a family-friendly winter wonderland for visits with Santa.

But first, there are still a lot of screams to pack in.

EverHaunt is open through November 2nd.

Click here to see the full calendar for hours and ticket prices.