Buffalo’s Best Pie: Aunt Millie’s


Around 250,000 people eat at Aunt Millie’s every year, and the experience wouldn’t be complete without a slice of their famous pie.

Afterall, Western New Yorkers voted to say Aunt Millie’s serves up Buffalo’s Best pie.

“We put a lot of care into it. We try to create things that you can only get here, and we put smiles on people’s faces,” said Andrew Weppner, the general manager.

When you walk in the door and get a look at the pies in the cases, you can see what the hype is all about.

Aunt Millie’s pies are mouth watering, and they’re all homemade from scratch on site.

“They’re huge and you have to try one,” said Pamela Wheeler, a baker at Aunt Millie’s, as she was putting pies together Friday morning.

The staff at Aunt Millie’s is constantly baking to keep up with the demand for all of the sensational sweets, from the the fig-filled Cuccidati cookies to the pumpkin coffee cake, bear claws, brownie towers, and more.

But, customers say they really can’t get enough of the pies.

“They’re delicious,” said one customer from Forestville, Donald Mumford.

“They’re the best,” agreed his fellow diner, Tony Klee.

One customer, Patrick Paradiso II, told News 4 he planned to visit Aunt Millie’s just about every day of his two week visit to the area from Colorado.

“You can go to Colorado or anywhere else, you can’t find pies this big and this good,” he said. “And they’re so fresh. They make them all the time. They’re one of a kind, you can’t find them anywhere else.”

With a wide variety of pies on the menu every day, and more pies being developed all the time, there truly is something for every pie lover.

Friday’s list included, chocolate cream, banana cream, peanut butter, coconut, lemon merengue and strawberry cream cheese, among others.

“Plus they can also specialty order pies like pecan and apple and etc. from there,” Weppner pointed out.

Aunt Millie’s pies are available by the slice or by the whole pie, and orders are still being taken for pies for Thanksgiving.

To learn more about everything Aunt Millie’s has to offer, click here.

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