Buffalo Police officers Moe Badger and Michael Norwood Jr. became nationally famous for their singing skills.

As police officers and members of the local black community, when it comes to the conversation about the death of George Floyd in Minnesota, they say change can only happen when we all stand together.

“Obviously, we’re in a very tough time right now, not just here in Buffalo New York, but across the world,” said Norwood. “We don’t like seeing this stuff. We don’t want any type of confusion. As a community, like we always say, we wish that the community and police officers can come together, hence the reason why we do what we do, not just as singing cops but in our cops organization.”

On Thursday, Badger was at Niagara Square singing the “We shall overcome” song.  That song, according to the library of congress, was first heard in churches and then on picket lines. 

“I just sung, a quick song. I just wanted to be there and stand with people that want change,” Badger said. “We all want to see a better community not only in Western New York, but across the nation.”