BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Valentine’s Day was this past weekend, but we can all use the occasional love note.

That’s the idea behind Buffalove Notes- a project that was started five years ago to help spread some love and positivity around the Queen City and her suburbs.

Organizer Theresa Donnelly was inspired to start the group after finding a “funny love note” on her car.

“I took a picture of it and sent it to my friend and then put it on someone else’s car,” Donnelly recalled. “Sometimes days and weeks can feel monotonous, but it gave me that ten minutes of pause like, ‘this is funny’.”

The notes are hand-pressed- a process which Donnelly describes as “medieval”.

“I print each one individually- they’re a little bit imperfect,” Donnelly said.

The notes are left around the area, often with some clues on the group’s Instagram page.

“If I go somewhere that I know something’s happening, I’ll create something that feels topical,” Donnelly said. “I love a good pun- I feel like keeping it funny is the best way to get the message across.”

If you find a Buffalove Note, you should pass it on for someone else to find- although some of them, like Buffalo Bills-themed notes, end up getting kept.

“We hope that it sparks some joy, brings some delight as a surprise, and then maybe they’ll pass them on to someone else,” Donnelly said.

And the group wants other people to get involved in the “buffalove” as well.

“Everything is a Buffalove note- if you write a note to your server, put a heart on someone’s car- send that to me,” Donnelly said. “Let’s see how many people are perpetuating this good neighbors front.”

There’s also a template you can download from the Buffalove Notes Instagram page (under the DIY stories tab) that you can print to mark your message on. You can use the hashtag #remoteBuffaloveNotes to share it to social media.

“We have people print those out and write something to their mail carrier, or put it in their mailbox, and it’s that distanced moment of connection,” Donnelly said.

Buffalove Notes has branched out into some local partnerships. This summer, they teamed up with Space on Seneca to provide custom tags for their sweatshirt sale benefiting COVID-19 relief.

They’ve also worked with area brides to create seating cards and love notes for weddings.

Donnelly says they have fun things planned for this year as well. You can follow the page here.