Noco Express–going, going, gone in a week



In a matter of days, the familiar green and orange Noco signs seen across Western New York will virtually disappear now that the conversion of 33 Noco Express shops to the red and white of Speedway convenience stores is well underway.

Speedway is a subsidiary of Marathon Petroleum Corporation of Findlay, Ohio, and at the rate of three to five conversions a day, Noco Energy Corporation President James Newman said, Wednesday, the rebrand should be complete in a week.

“So other than us green and orange guys not being here, and they are going to red and white, it should not be a lot of change. Most of our employees are staying with Speedway.”

Newman said he and his brother, Noco Executive Vice President Michael went looking to expand the convenience store business outside of Western New York, but Marathon, the largest oil refiner in the country, was already buying up other convenience store outlets across Upstate New York.

They decided it was better to go with the flow, than to become the road kill of a much larger competitor, “They have 4,000 stores across the United States. They are the largest refinery in North America. So I suggest consumers will see well-lit clean stores, and they will see a plentiful supply for gasoline.”

Newman pointed out, the 39-store Noco Express chain is just a portion of the Tonawanda based company’s overall business enterprises.

Noco Energy is a home delivery supplier of home heating fuels, a natural gas and electricity marketer, and the company is moving into green energy such as solar, wind, and geothermal, which Newman said is setting the table for the family’s next generation.

“As my grandfather said that it is time to move on from coal to oil, I would say it is time to move on from oil to the next generation of energy.”

Of the 39 Noco Express locations, all but six stores are being sold. Newman said they plan to lease those remaining locations to other convenience store operators, under different banners starting this fall.

“We will be a vibrant business, over 300 employees, probably in excess of $350 million in sales, and plans to grow.”

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