Businesses in Springville see increase in customers from orange zone areas


SPRINGVILLE N.Y. (WIVB) – With most of Erie County in the orange cluster zone where indoor dining and other personal care services are restricted, because of that people are heading to the southern tier where that’s still available. Business owners say they’re hoping the extra boost in revenue doesn’t come with the wrong price.

“We don’t want to have to get shut down again. I think that’s the main concern with everything going on,” said Alisha Kron who works at 49 Coffee House and Eatery.

Springville is currently in a yellow cluster zone and can allow indoor dining. Kron says they’re being careful with the extra business they’re getting.

“I feel like being able to just dine in and eat with like two or four people is awesome, but if it’s going to put everyone at risk, it’s not worth it,” she said.

The Legacy Restaurant located on east main street in Springville is also seeing more customers from outside the area.

“It’s been kinda slow during the week but we’ve noticed a little better business coming in from the north towns,” owner Nicholas Rhinehart said. “Every once in a while they’ll say ‘oh we’re glad to at least come out to eat.’ They can’t eat up there so they travel down.”

Rhinehart hopes COVID-19 numbers stay low, so they’re able to keep welcoming customers in.

“I’m not saying it’s because people who’ve been coming down, but it worries me that the people coming down might be. I’m grateful that they do come down at the same time, but it’s just trying to keep the numbers down and hopefully we stay open,” he said.

The owners of Molly’s Creative Cuts says people from an orange zone area have been reaching out to schedule a hair appointment, but the salon is being selective because they don’t want to put their regular clients at risk

“We’re pretty busy salon so we’re not able to take a ton of the people up north,” said salon owner Molly Hediger.

“We don’t want to put any of our regulars in harms way ever,” said hair stylist Jayme Cudney. “We don’t want to take that chance but when you need a haircut you need a haircut.”

At Molly’s Creative Cuts in Springville clients must schedule appointments. This helps them keep track of who is stopping by. They also sanitize the work stations after each use. Hediger says salons are low risk businesses and should remain open in any zone, not just yellow.

“I feel bad for them up north that had to shut back down again,” she said. “Especially when Cuomo announced that personal care businesses are not spreading coronavirus. I do think it’s unfair that they’re not able to work.”

Angela Shaver, who owns Root 39 Salon and Spa feels the same.

“This is a hairdressers busiest time of the year,” she said. “I feel for the businesses in the north that aren’t able to service their customers. It’s not fair that small businesses are being targeted.”

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