BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown has made clear that he’s focused on his job in City Hall, not on rumors linking him to Buffalo State University. What’s less clear is whether Buffalo State is focused on him.

On Friday’s Ask the Mayor segment, Brown again sidestepped a series of questions from News 4’s Jacquie Walker about his long rumored interest in the vacant president position at Buffalo State, declining to confirm whether the SUNY institution has reached out to him.

“I will not say that that is the case. I get talked about a lot, [I’m] considered for a number of things,” Brown said. “I am focused on the opportunities that are here for the city of Buffalo and they [Buffalo State] have a great interim president, Bonnie Durand, that is doing a phenomenal job.”

The topic has become something of a regular fixture of Brown’s monthly appearances; Brown previously downplayed the rumors in interviews with News 4 in February and again in June.

Brown’s deflections have done little to stop the rumor mill from churning, as links between the five-term mayor and his alma mater have persisted throughout the university’s ongoing search. Most recently in September, a city spokesperson confirmed that Brown has had conversations with his family about his future — including the possibility of taking up the position at Buff State — but insisted his role as mayor is his top priority.

On Friday, Brown was asked whether he was taking classes to receive a master’s degree — a requirement for the president’s job.

“I take classes from time to time,” Brown said. “I think continuing education is important, and I am continuing my education as we speak.”

You can watch the full Ask the Mayor interview in the video player below.

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