Call 4 Action: contractor fails to show, homeowner hires the help


AKRON, N.Y. (WIVB) – Roofer Chauncey Vanice is finally getting paid to do the work he was hired to do–not by the contractor who hired him, but by the homeowner who hired the contractor.

“We told Chauncey that if he would come up and finish the roof, we will take care of him,” said Mark Kloss who is taking up the slack for his dad, Walter Kloss, an elderly Korean War veteran, now battling cancer.

The elder Kloss paid the contractor, Sunbilt Living, more than $5,400 to put up a new roof on his home at the Akron Mobile Home Park, but after 4 months the roof is only half done. The Kloss’ were ready to pay Sunbilt the final installment of the contract, about $1,800, but after dozens of phone calls, and no sign of the contractor, Mark took over the project.

“That is when we realized nothing was happening, we called the dumpster company, and she kind of laughed–she said he had to use 3 credit cards to get the dumpster through. So this guy is a walking nightmare.”

The “guy” Kloss is talking about is Joseph Ferrante, the owner of Sunbilt Living. Back in August of 2014, a Town of Lockport couple contacted Call 4 Action back 2014 when Sunbilt didn’t complete an awning for them.

Eva and Orlando Kipp got their money refunded a short time later after the story aired, then last year in a separate case, state police charged Ferrante with grand larceny and fraud charges, and that case is still pending.

Walter Kloss is among three homeowners that have filed complaints with Call 4 Action in 2016, and now that Kloss is being treated for cancer, Chancey Vanice has agreed to finish the Kloss’ roof, whether he gets paid all that he is owed or not.

“I come from a military family also, and I would hate to see this happen to anybody for any given time.”

Mark Kloss said it is not so much the money they are fighting over, he said Ferrante seems to be preying on senior citizens at the mobile home park, “I mean we are not wealthy people, but I don’t want to see this happen. It hurts.”

Ferrante told News 4 he plans to get out of the home improvement business, but he said the same thing two years ago. If you believe you have been shortchanged by Sunbilt Living, you can file a complaint with the New York Attorney General’s Office.

The Attorney General’s Consumer Hotline is 853-8404, or you can file a complaint directly through the Attorney General’s website.

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