Call 4 Action says goodbye to 85 years of service


The Buffalo affiliate of the Call For Action consumer watchdog group, gathered for their annual luncheon, Thursday at The Foundry, and for three of the volunteers, the noontime get together was a bittersweet.

The local group, known by its “Call 4 Action” tag, said goodbye to Jean Kemp, Henrietta Brylinski, and Corinne Baier, who served consumers for over 85 years between the three–all of whom were members of the Thursday crew. There are five individual teams for each day of the week. 

“So many nice special people, that is what I will miss,” said Kemp as she reflected on her 36 years assisting consumers, “I have been able to help so many people, many elderly, who have no other avenue of assistance, and that is a very good feeling.”

The three departing volunteers are leaving behind a big void at Call 4 Action that is going to be tough to close, according to Call 4 Action’s Buffalo executive director, Maria Visco.

“Calls come in, web cases come in, emails comes in, and we just don’t have enough people on each day to be able to get to everyone in a short period of time.”

Visco said there is a critical need for volunteers, as Call 4 Action is needed now more than ever.

“Once upon a time a handshake with a contractor was golden–if he said he was going to do it for you, he was going to do it for you. Now you could get a written contract and not get what you are supposed to get.”

Call 4 Action troubleshooters do not require any special skill or training, added Visco, just the ability to listen, and be willing to help. To volunteer, or file a complaint, Call 4 Action’s phone number is 716-879-4900.  Here is the Call 4 Action website.

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