Couple scammed out of $46,000 from their contractor

Call 4 Action

SHERIDAN, N.Y. (WIVB)–An elderly couple in the Southern Tier is in a desperate situation, after getting ripped off by a home improvement contractor, but a local business is being a good neighbor and Called 4 Action.

The couple, Mike and Teri Weinheimer of Sheridan re-mortgaged their home to pay for an addition and garage, which they desperately need due to their physical limitations.

What did they get for the $46,000 they paid a contractor?

A contractor was supposed to build an additional bedroom and an adjoining two-car garage for the Weinheimer’s.

“It would have all been connected so that with my bad knees I would not have to go outside to get to any of them. I could access everything from the house,” Mike said.

As the contractor, a husband and wife duo from Dunkirk, were tearing down the garage, they kept asking for more money, and eventually the Weinheimer’s re-mortgaged their house and paid the couple $46,000 but nothing to show for it.

Teri says “and right now, that is a $1,000 a month mortgage payment for a person who is disabled, and one who is retired, both on a fixed income.”

The Weinheimers bought the windows for their additions separately, and now Modern Window is stepping up to help the couple in their time of need.

“It is just devastating news. These are really nice people. They have been previous customers of ours, we did their entire home.”

Sales Manager Brian Marsh told us the Orchard Park company has set up a GoFundMe page for the Weinheimers, which is linked to Modern Window’s website.

The company is also recruiting other businesses to help the Weinheimers’ cause and encouraging their customers to be good neighbors.

State Police arrested the couple that ripped off the Weinheimers, and they got probation.

The pair was ordered to pay Mike and Teri $27,000 in restitution but in three years they have only received about $800.

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