Home Décor lays out a path for refunds, if you can get past the potholes

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CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. (WIVB) — Relief may be in store for Home Décor customers who have been waiting weeks, in some cases months for their furniture. The national chain closed its two Western New York locations, and now the company is now offering refunds.

Max McCulloch was all set to load up his new three-piece sectional from Home Décor, to save money but mostly out of necessity.

“They said it would be another $100 for delivery, and they did not have a delivery driver,” McCulloch told News 4.

Max paid more than $1,600 for his sofa he and his fiancee are moving from Amherst to Lockport and the furniture would be a necessity for their upcoming blessed event.

“We are having a baby, expecting in January, and she wanted a new couch for the baby and her to nurse on and do whatever she needed,” said McCulloch. But they would soon learn, the Home Décor on Walden Avenue is closed — signs in the window confirming they have no drivers, but promising to re-open after they hire enough workers.

Max went searching for answers.

“We contacted every possible Home Décor Outlet location, Ohio, Missouri, Georgia, all over the country. We could not get any answers,” McCulloch said.

Home Décor Outlets is based in Georgia, and company officials told the Better Business Bureau, two weeks ago they are trying to re-open the stores in Cheektowaga and Niagara Falls.

“Home Décor Outlets has been responsive to BBB, and pledged to uphold the BBB’s standards for trust,” Simone Williams, Better Business Bureau of Atlanta told News 4.

But just this week, the Better Business Bureau revised their report with Home Décor offering refunds a tedious policy for refunds requiring a text message with the customer’s name and a bunch of numbers which the company has to approve. Then they mail a request form, which has to be returned before the company will even start the so-called refund process.

How does Max McCulloch feel about it?

“I felt like I just lost all my money.”

State law is simple — if the furniture is not delivered on time, the customer is entitled to a refund, which the dealer has to deliver in two weeks or they can continue to wait. Customers can file a complaint through the Attorney General’s Consumer Hotline at 853-8404.

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