Home Décor Outlets closes, signs say temporarily, but is it for good?

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(WIVB) — Consumer complaints are piling up against the Home Décor Outlets. The furniture and appliance store in Cheektowaga is closed.

The signs say temporary closure because of staff shortages, but Home Decor officials are offering little evidence they are going to be opening back up. The doors are locked and the delivery trucks are gone.

A new apartment was going to be a fresh start for Hilda Brown. The Buffalo grandmother has been staying in a safe house for three years, and the $2,6000 of new furniture would signal her new freedom.

“And they called me to come in, I was really excited. I’m not excited anymore because I don’t have my furniture,” Brown said.

Hilda’s family scraped together the money to buy her a living room and bedroom set — but when the furniture didn’t get delivered, she and her sister called, then paid a visit to the store on Walden Avenue.

They found it locked tight.

Hilda’s sister Hazel Greer said, “Terrible. The corporate office is not answering the phone, the signs is on the door, the trucks in the back. They should have been out of business a long time ago, conducting business like this.”

But when News 4 went by the store, even the delivery trucks were gone, and signs were posted in the windows, management saying they are hiring new staff.

Hilda contacted the Better Business Bureau, which referred her to the BBB office in Georgia where Home Décor’s national headquarters is located. An alert on the Home Décorreport says the store in Buffalo is closed, but last week the company told the BBB they are still in operation — the temporary closure is due to a shortage of delivery trucks and staff.

We called the phone number which directs you to send a text message.

Hilda’s dreams for a new life have been crushed.

“I would start out here on the couch and watch TV. As it is now, I have to sit on the benches. A girlfriend of mine who lives upstairs — she gave those two chairs so I would not have to sit on the bed all the time,” said Brown.

Home Decor Outlets also has a store in Niagara Falls, and Call 4 Action complaints indicate that the store may be closed, too, but we are not able to confirm it.

If you paid Home Décor for furniture that has not been delivered, you can call the Attorney General’s Consumer Hotline in Buffalo at 853-8404.

Al Vaughters is an award-winning investigative reporter who has been part of the News 4 team since 1994. See more of his work here.

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