BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — It has been a miserable summer for many residents in one area of the City of Buffalo who have had to endure an awful smell.

Residents there are fed up, they want this to end, they’re Calling 4 Action.

Residents say all summer there’s been this foul odor in this area, which smells like cow manure or garbage. This situation is being investigated by the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

Robin Lipka has lived in the Seneca-Babcock neighborhood of Buffalo for more than 40 years. She says this summer has been unbearable with a horrible odor in the air.

“I really don’t know how to explain it but to say (expletive) it smells like (expletive),” Lipka said, “We cannot sit out in my backyard anymore, like we used to I don’t come out in front much at all I just more or less stay in the house.”

Residents here say the smell is even worse when it gets hot out and the wind picks up. And, that it’s impossible to be outside. Kids in the neighborhood agree.

“It smells like cow poop and I think it’s mulch from down there,” said Joel Victori, “It goes on and off for a day, we smell it, we don’t smell it, then we keep smelling it.”

Residents suspect that the smell is coming from Geiter Done Green Waste, which takes green waste from the City of Buffalo and is located nearby. The company says there’s nothing to see or smell here.

“I don’t think that there’s any odors coming from here, we’ve had a couple people come over and visualize it, smell it, look at it, and nobody’s had a problem,” said Mike Honer, president of Geiter Done Green Waste.

The DEC has sent out an inspector to the neighborhood. There have been city inspectors here as well, trying to pinpoint the source of the smell.

Over the past week, DEC has been actively investigating community complaints and concerns in the Seneca-Babcock neighborhood related to a Babcock Street mulch processing facility,” the DEC said in a statement provided to News 4. “Inspectors visited the facility and noted slight odors emanating from yard waste that was being delivered and unloaded in that location. It is suspected that the unseasonably warm conditions this week may have contributed to the increase in detectible odors. DEC will continue monitoring the situation to protect the Seneca-Babcock community and the environment.”

“We don’t have a stamp down date as to when we’ll get some answers but we’ve been persistent in letting them know that we want the quality of our life for our residents to be high in this neighborhood,” said Buffalo Common Council Member Bryan Bollman.

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