LAKE VIEW, N.Y. (WIVB) — Call 4 Action is getting results for a local consumer who’s had an awful experience with an embattled pool company.

For months, Kellie Shanahan has been trying to get a safety cover for her pool, but after getting the run around, she contacted Call 4 Action.

Shanahan, who lives in Lake View tells us time was of the essence, she needed to get a new safety cover for her pool before the weather starts to get bad and to protect her daughter with cerebral palsy.

Earlier this year, Shanahan contacted a local pool company called Liner Guys to open her pool and get a new safety cover, which needs to be custom-made. She told News 4 that she paid over $3,000 to a co-owner of Liner Guys.

But, as the summer season came and went, and after numerous calls and text messages to company representatives, Shanahan was still without her safety cover. So, she contacted Call 4 Action — and we took a look into the situation.

A representative of Liner Guys told us they had to go through orders that were never filed with the company to learn about her situation.

“That really was making me think there’s no way I’m going to be able to cover my pool because I don’t have another $3,500 to give to somebody and at this point there was no time for anybody to make me a cover, so I just kept calling and calling and finally I had to call you guys because I didn’t know what else to do,” Shanahan said.

Several local pool companies contacted WIVB looking to help the Shanahan family.

“The outpour of pools companies that called me that have seen the story it was amazing,” Kellie said. “It made me cry because I’m usually the one that’s always helping everybody, so to have all these people have my back it was an amazing feeling.”

It turns out Liner Guys is dealing with serious issues internally and may need to file for bankruptcy. Both co-owners of Liner Guys accuse the other in court documents of taking money from the company.

A civil lawsuit claims that a co-owner of Liner Guys took over half a million dollars from customer accounts. Liner Guys say that co-owner was taking money from customers, but didn’t follow through with orders or recording any of these transactions.

The lawsuit states that Liner Guys: “had to liquidate assets, sold trailers, sold a dump truck, sold a van, and sold other items to pay back the customers as fast as possible.”

It goes on to say: “As a result of defendant’s conduct, Liner Guys is preparing to file for bankruptcy and is being sued by numerous customers,” and that, “As of July 2023, defendant has withdrawn at least $517,684.46 from Liner Guys’s customer accounts, (…) These withdrawals have caused Liner Guys’s and Reflection Pools’s customers to pursue legal action and possible bankruptcy.”

Now, the company says it’s trying to reimburse people and honor orders. But the company claims that hasn’t come without major financial costs, such as liquidating assets.

News 4 is happy to report that after months of waiting and frustration, Kellie Shanahan finally has gotten her safety cover. It arrived on Tuesday. Shanahan says Liner Guys finally installed it.

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Jeff Preval is an award-winning anchor and reporter who joined the News 4 team in December 2021. See more of his work here.