Parking ticket said she drove nearly 400 miles to take a handicap space

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WHEATFIELD, N.Y. (WIVB)–Angela Connery could not believe what she was reading when she opened her mail, and it said she owed $300 for an unpaid parking ticket, from the Town of Poughkeepsie, a place nearly 270 miles from Connery’s home and job in Wheatfield.

In the mail, an overdue notice from the Town Justice Court in Poughkeepsie informing the Wheatfield grandmother that she had parked illegally in a handicapped space, and when she did not pay the $125 fine on time, a late penalty brought the bill up to $300.

“I got a parking ticket, it looked like from the Town of Poughkeepsie, and I have never been in Poughkeepsie,” said Connery, “I don’t even know really where it is.”

The notice, issued by a company that processes parking tickets for Poughkeepsie Justice Court, ticket-processing company, and when Connery called the phone number on the notice, she couldn’t get anyone on the line to answer her questions.

Based on the notice, Angela would have had to make the drive in her Pontiac Vibe from Wheatfield to Poughkeepsie—more than 370 miles one way—to illegally park in a handicapped space, on January 2.

That would have been more than eleven hours round trip, but the mother of three said she was working on January 2, in fact, she worked a double shift, “I worked 16 hours that day so there was no way I could have gotten there and back.”

It also just so happened, Angela had just bought her 2006 Vibe a short time before that date in January and she would not even try to drive her 14-year-old car to Poughkeepsie.

This all seemed too strange Connery, maybe a scam? “I did not know if maybe somebody has identity theft, or anything like that, so that is why I wanted to call you and see if there was something more to this letter.”

News 4 called the Long Island company that processes Poughkeepsie’s parking tickets. In fact, the company, FBS Justice Solutions, actually processes tickets for a number of towns in New York.

After News 4 indicated there was a high probability Connery’s ticket was in error, a company official  checked their records and reported, Angela’s violation had been, “taken out of the system.”

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